Strategy, Mentorship & Coaching for conscious entrepreneurs & executives.

A goal is just a wish without a strategic action plan. I believe that everything you want in life unfolds when you are in 'vertical alignment' with your soul.

You have to know your priorities and measure all decisions in the realm of what is most important to you. This is the practise of nurturing a conscious life. Let me help you create soulful strategies, so that you can manifest creative results in your business and life.

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Clear, Strategic, Results

Create Clarity and Manifest
Results in Your Business & Life

Let’s work together if…

You have big ideas, creativity is your middle name, but, your wheels are spinning, you need to bring all of this into the world. But how? We will get right to ‘your’ business. Our creative process will map out the “Why, What, How & When” of what you want to bring into this world.

Or... You are swimming in the inertia of your own mind and business. You need a catalyst to create balance in all the realms of your life. What if your work, home and play could all feel alive and balanced? With fresh tools, a perspective shift and using the talent you already have, your life can be exactly how you envision.

My vision is to be a catalyst for my client’s success in achieving their highest vision for their life and business. We will create a rhythm that benefits your “whole” life.


  • Strategic business coaching with entrepreneurs & executive.
  • Life coaching individuals seeking clarity & strategy to create the lifestyle they desire.
  • Year Mapping – Planning out all strategic plans to guarantee success.
  • Perception shifting – there are many ways to see any situation.
  • Transference of skill – use your strengths in all areas of a your life.
  • Yearly masterminding with 20 women to create the lives we desire.
  • Annual Greatlife Retreat for seekers wanting a soulful, conscious awakening experience into themselves.

Come play with me & let’s start creating soulful strategies for your life & business.

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My vision is to create a dynamic harmony that benefits your “whole” life and business environment. This process will empower you to launch yourself & your business to the next level of possibility.

We will work together to:

Create clarity
Develop strategic action plans
Clarify priorities and desires
Creative brainstorming
Solve problems
Leverage opportunities
& more...
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Manifesto & Mapping

This workshop is designed to have you engage and start every new year in a place of presence. You will set intentions and prepare a foundation in what you desire for possibility to make this year your greatest ever. Spend a few hours exploring the possibilities that your life holds in this great new year.

What do you want to create, change and move toward?
How do you want to be inspired and feel?
What is it going to take to achieve the life you desire?

We will create space to explore these questions & more as you design your year. Develop your own personal “manifesto” & map out the “what, how, & when” of your purpose driven life.

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Strategic Manifestation

Acreative framework to help process your ideas into strategic action. Pick any opportunity, goal, or desire and turn it into a strategic project. The idea is to dive deep into the project to see:

Why you want the project & why it exists?
Who has an impact or responsibility within the project?
What challenges & opportunities does the project create?

You will create a clear outline and actions steps to
pursue, transform or let go of the project.
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What if you made a more conscious decision to spend your time in co-creative genius with other women that want to grow and share a space of authentic soul? 2017 is gong to be the year you design your life from a more intentional space, create a tribe, receive support, become accountable, offer your expertise and celebrate your success. If this resonates with you then you are invited to the 2017 Mastermind.

An intensive mastermind/mentorship program for 20 highly motivated women. We will be working and growing together for the next 12 months. You will create a vision and develop strategies to make your personal and professional life the greatest version of success that you can imagine.
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Greatlife Retreat

A live experience of creativity, connection, contribution & celebration for fabulous women living on purpose with passion & a commitment to the excellence that resides in every woman’s soul.
Are you craving a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend?
Would you like to feel more alive and connected to your body and soul?
Would you like to connect to your feelings and new forms of goal setting?
Do you need more strategy in the creation of your desires?
Would like to experience a tribal sisterhood?

If this resonates with you then come play with us at the Greatlife Retreat.


Create, Connect, Contribute, Celebrate

Create from your soul & purpose.
Connect with yourself, your world & the divine.
Contribute to the journey of others.
Celebrate your gratitude, learning, success & every breath.

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What They Say

“Sherrice rocked the Manifesto and Mapping session. Super potent and powerful! So amazing to spend some concentrated time visioning for the future, to actually carve this time out and craft it up visually. It has already assisted me as I am looking at the vision daily and have started to check things off my list. I highly recommend this workshop!!”
Anne Marie Hogya
“Sherrice is one of the most authentic, effective, no bull s#@t coaches I have ever worked with. She won’t always tell me what I want to hear, but I know she will always tell me what I need to hear. Her guidance has helped me build a successful international business, and helped me see the truth of who I truly am. I highly recommend her services…if you are willing to get real and do the work!”
Alice Bracegirdle
“Building a global business is overwhelming and intimidating. Thank God for Sherrice! Working with Sherrice has been not only empowering but comforting, her expertise and ability to bring it all together is awesome. She is always present, authentic, generous, fully involved, stands by her word and is an anchor of wisdom and guidance for my team.”
Misty Tripoli
“I attended Sherrice’s Manifesto and Mapping Session which really helped me to harness focus and access my inner guidance for the year ahead. The questions she asked were perfectly laid out to invoke the answers I needed to hear from myself. I love Sherrice’s energy. She is so genuinely honest, inspiring, funny and brilliant. I look forward to any chance I get to work with Sherrice.”
Christy Greenwood
Transformation Specialist & Healing Artist
“Sherrice is a calming, gorgeous person who has a way of asking questions that provoke my best work. My happiness has been the best result. I’m proud of my achievements and that confidence pours over into my professional and more importantly my personal relationships with my daughters and husband. The results of being coached have been tremendous. She was meant to do this work.”
Michele Shorter
Owner & Creator of BDHQ & The Shorter Approach
“Sherrice has the ability to ask the right questions and get to the heart of the matter with intelligence, insight and irreverence. Right from the start, her direct style and strategic business experience helped me dial in to business projects in alignment with my soul, and I love the ‘work’ I do in the world more than ever.”
Robyn Unwin
Media trainer & Brand Coach
“An amazing perspective shifting year, full of sharing, vulnerability, authenticity, love, accountability, opportunities and brutally honest conversations. Sherrice makes it comfortable to share in the space of growth, supporting you to experience being vulnerable to get to the good stuff!”
Angelina Alonso
Sustainability Expert & Jewellery Designer
“Sherrice has helped me immensely in creating a path to reach both my personal and professional goals. She offers incredible support and her no-nonsense character has kept me on track and set the stage for success. Her wisdom removed my own road blocks. Her energy radiates and you can’t help but walk away feeling motivated and ready to take anything on.”
Renee Hawk
Financial Consultant
“Sherrice is a powerful teacher and an incredible space-holder. Her Manifesto and Mapping workshop was a great way to lay out my year and keep me focused and connected to where I want to be going and what I want to be doing! Thanks Sherrice for your enthusiasm and support! So far it’s been my best year yet!”
Alexa Linton
"2017 was an amazing year of change and shedding for me. The Mastermind group and retreat allowed me to accept the face on challenge of "letting go" of all things that no longer served me. A safe place of amazing women who all have a common thread that binds us together. I have never really felt fully accepted and not been judged as I was being part of the group. I feel relieved and comforted know that I set intentions and with Sherrice's guidance was able to clear space for all things amazing in my life. I am forever changed and couldn't be happier about it."
Traci Clayton
Director of Marketing