Manifesto & Mapping


This workshop is designed to have you engage and start every new year in a place of presence. You will set intentions and prepare a foundation in what you desire for possibility to make this year your greatest ever. Spend a few hours exploring the possibilities that your life holds in this great new year.

What do you want to create, change and move toward?
How do you want to be inspired and feel?
What is it going to take to achieve the life you desire?

We will create space to explore these questions & more as you design your year. Develop your own personal “manifesto” & map out the “what, how, & when” of your purpose driven life. Making this year your year of engagement.

You will leave this program with a working document of your life and year design.

What is included?

Your journey will include Vision, Goals, Strategy, Intention, Attitude, Vertical Alignment, Task Planning, creation of your own personal manifesto & mapping out the year to create a realm of possibility.

  • "Manifesto & Mapping" Workbook (digital autofill pdf) Beautifully designed to walk you through the “Manifesto & Mapping” process.
  • 13 videos full of theory, questions & content (from a live Manifesto & Mapping session) password protected.
  • Subscription to "manifesto & mapping" content that is reserved for M&M live attendees & online purchasers only.
  • Monthly coaching questions & reminders to stay tuned in & engaged through the year.

The Journey

You will create purpose & desire driven goals, strategies and set priorities to see your vision turn to reality.

  • This is a program is designed to assist you in the creation of your purpose driven life.

  • Get honest, present and intentional with how you want to live.
  • You will be asked provocative questions to move you to a space of honesty with how you are currently living.
  • You will create a personal manifesto for how you want to feel & show up everyday in your great life.
  • You will set intention and prepare a foundation in what you desire for possibility to make this year your greatest ever.

Why I Created This Program

This program is how my brain works! How I am able to manage my corporate life, a coaching practice, a family, and my writing with ease. Let me assist you to moving to a space of grace within your life with the tools that create peace and presence in my life. I am constantly being asked how I manage to sustain multiple projects, a corporate career, my family, my body, my big smile, a yoga practice, and a successful marriage.

So, I am handing over my personal life creation and project management practice to you. It is simple & easy to use.

By taking the time to engage in the "Manifesto & Mapping" program "you will create space & free up time within your mind" that is currently bombarded with a constant "to do" list... of your own creation... full of must, maybe, when I get to it, and really should.

Many people have great ideas, but fail to act. Many people have big dreams, but never write them down.

Take time to invest in yourself & your future by directing your life from a place of purpose & passion, starting now.

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