Who I Am

Professionally Certified Executive Coach, B.A., Psychology & Addiction Studies, Reiki Master & Teacher, Yogi

Specializing in vision clarity, creation of executable strategic plans, and result focused goal setting. Lover of authenticity, freedom and the journey toward self-mastery!

Get clear on the “vertical alignment of your soul”. This means you have clear priorities as to what is important in your purpose driven life. Develop strategies & actions plans that reflect your alignment and live from a space of intention.

My vision is to be a catalyst for my client’s success in achieving their highest vision. The tools of my trade are life experience, education, passion, strategy, intuition, built in accountability and outspoken "real" straight talk. We will create a rhythm that benefits your “whole” life.

What I Do

  • Strategic business coaching with entrepreneurs & executive.
  • Life coaching individuals seeking clarity & strategy to create the lifestyle they desire.
  • Year Mapping – Planning out all strategic plans to guarantee success.
  • Perception shifting – there are many ways to see any situation.
  • Transference of skill – use your strengths in all areas of a your life.
  • Yearly masterminding with 20 women to create the lives we desire.
  • Annual Greatlife Retreat for seekers wanting a soulful, conscious awakening experience into themselves.

Come play with me & let’s start creating soulful strategies for your life & business.

Professional Bio

Sherrice is a Business & Lifestyle Strategist. Specializing in Executive Coaching, Creative Strategy and “the art of life design”. Experience and knowledge comes from 20+ years in multiple positions within sales, marketing, sales training, management and corporate consulting for Fortune 500 and private companies. Sherrice received her coach training & certification from Royal Roads University and the International Coach Federation. Sherrice has created her own businesses, sold businesses, lead and produced seven figure business projects, consulted in multiple industries ranging from medical, aesthetic, personal training, personal development, event planning, magazine, government and more.

Some clients include doctors, professional athletes, top personal trainers, TED speakers, corporate C suite, coaches, internet entrepreneurs, and individuals craving clarity to move to bigger results in their life & business.. yet.. stay aligned in "their own version of purpose".

Sherrice’s passion for a health, wellness & the pursuit of excellence has been lifelong as a competitive athlete, mother, entrepreneur, personal coach and business consultant. Education & personal development led to the creation of greatlife designs with the desire to coach individuals & lead companies to “ achieve the greatest vision of possibility for their lives & businesses.” As a lifelong learner, Sherrice has completed multiple leadership, sales training, masterminds, management & personal development courses.

Sherrice’s coaching style is honest & very real, balancing a strong push for results with compassion & heart. Sherrice is a Certified Reiki Master & Yoga teacher, this work has helped to bring a contrast to her strong corporate background.

“Create possibility, elevate your thinking, be willing to change, communicate authentically, contribute and serve through your purpose!”

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Greatlife designs is about creating the greatest vision for your life, business, & community!

Greatlife designs originated from the desire to create a global community focused on living the greatest life possible. Our intention is to promote a lifestyle of health & wellness within the mind, body and spirit. We assist individuals and companies to create the greatest vision of possibility for their lives and businesses through coaching & intentional life design.

We believe that life is a series of choices and decisions! Choose to live your life “on purpose”, and expend energy in what creates and nurtures your vision. Be authentic, have powerful conversations, embrace personal growth, and be conscious of the life you create. Serve, ad value and contribute your greatest self to the opportunities that you meet and create. All the while find the resources within yourself to en’joy’ your journey.