What is exciting you about 2017? (get on the waitlist)

  • Would you like to be more on purpose and move to action with the vision that you have for your life?
  • What is going to make this year different from any other year?
  • What is the manifesto for your life?
  • Who is supporting your journey in 2017?
This is creative space for truth to be held & witnessed. We will favour the inward glance toward the depths of who we really are. We are a sisterhood here to do the 'real work' of cultivating medicine & healing in an environment where the only elixir is honestly. The truth telling that cannot be done anywhere else will be done around the virtual campfire that all of our beings create.

You are invited to the 2017 Greatlife Design Mastermind
An intensive mastermind/mentorship program for 20 highly motivated women. We will be working and growing together for the next 12 months. You will create a vision and develop strategies to make your personal and professional life the greatest version of success that you can imagine.

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2017 Greatlife Design Mastermind & Mastery

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You want to live in a more intentional space and become more aligned with your true nature.

  • You want to live in a more intentional space and become more aligned with your true nature.
  • You have set plans & agendas for several years now and know that you need support to see your vision and dreams become reality instead of just wishes.
  • This feels like joy, your favorite tea, your favorite smell, like you’ve had a great workout, you are excited and maybe a little scared (but you like that feeling.)
  • You know that you have a lot to contribute in a space like this but are seeking a new opportunity to share, get support and show off your stuff.
  • You are a positive human being (most of the time) but when you are not you are honest about it, deal with it & take responsibility for your life & attitude!
  • You are comfortable with Sherrice’s strategic & result focused style.
  • You are open to soulful and conscious conversations about life & the world.
  • You accept that coaching will be a safe but not always comfortable environment.
  • You are open to being challenged to grow, become & remember the person you are meant to be.
  • You are accessible and desire something that could change your life.
  • You want to show up from a space of soul and play there!
  • You understand the value that this opportunity brings!
Businesses were started, houses were bought, romantic relationships were found, portfolios grew to over 6 figures, over 20 vacation destinations were experienced, brands were launched, women played, cried, danced, discovered their many life purposes, families were connected & relationships salvaged, perspectives were shifted, bodies became fit & nourished and a collective celebration was experienced!

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that you will become rich, happy, or successful as a result of this program. I cannot guarantee you will meet the man of your dreams, have more/better sex or be thinner. This program does not guarantee you any financial endowment. I also cannot guarantee that you will be the same person you are now at the end of this year. The risk and the rewards are entirely up to you! But, you already knew that as you actually read to the end of this page.


When does registration open?
Registration is open November 1st - January 5th

Do I have to be a business owner?
No, just contribute all your amazingness, have a desire to grow and be more soulful in whatever you do.

How Can I Pay?
Via Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, PayPal invoice..

How much time do I have to dedicate to this experience?
2-hours/month minimum, but you can play as much as you like through sharing & support with the other women!

I want more information or to talk to someone in more detail before making this commitment.
Contact Sherrice at:

I want to take part in the mastermind but I cannot attend the retreat.
Contact Sherrice and let her know your circumstances and inquire about a rate reduction.